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Zdeno Chara Rides His Bike To The Hockey Rink (VIDEO)

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June 24, 2013


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Zdeno Chara Rides His Bike To The Hockey Rink (VIDEO)

Did you know that Zdeno Chara is an avid bike rider? His off-season training regimen revolves around cruising the streets on a ten speeder. Interestingly enough, Chara’s bike riding routine extends into the regular season, and apparently into the playoffs.

Matt Cubeta (@NHLQubes) snapped a picture of the 6’9 behemoth riding his bike home after his pre-game skate before game three of the Stanley Cup Finals. When I watch this video I’m left with two thoughts…

Firstly, most pro athletes drive cars with tinted windows so that they won’t be bothered. On the other hand, Chara is parading around town on a bike without a care in the world.

Think about this for a minute… when was the last time you saw someone that is 6’9 riding a bike. If your answer is “never,” join the club. Witnessing someone this large riding a bike is like seeing a white buffalo. In fact, the bike has to be custom made because the seat is probably five feet off the ground.

Secondly, the safety nuts amongst you will notice that this man-beast isn’t wearing a helmet. That’s a dangerous game when you consider his head is the size of my torso.

Lastly, I have to admit that I’d love to put some pegs on the back of that bike so I could ride around Beantown with “Big Z.” I have no problem playing Robin to his Batman.



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