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Wayne Gretzky Must HATE Halloween, His Daughter Paulina Went H.A.M (PICS)

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November 1, 2012


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Wayne Gretzky Must HATE Halloween, His Daughter Paulina Went H.A.M (PICS)

Wayne Gretzky must absolutely hate Halloween, because it gives his daughter Paulina a free pass to dress ultra scandalous. Not that Paulina needs a reason to get borderline naked, she shows skin like it’s her job on the regular. However, everyone knows that Halloween is a free pass for women to dress borderline slutty, and Paulina took the ball and ran with it this year.

Paulina went full blown H.A.M on Halloween, and if you don’t know what that means than you don’t listen to rap music. Suffice to say she brought her “A” game.

Paulina Gretzky posted a series of pictures which included a “sexy Cop” outfit, and a “sexy fairy” outfit. Let’s face it, the outfits are irrelevant given the lack of clothes. Earlier this week, Paulina Gretzky posted a pic of herself dressed as a “sexy ringmaster.” The picture basically brought down the internet, but that’s the great thing about Paulina, she’s never satisfied.

Just when you think she’s calmed down and will stop posting racy pics, she takes it to another level…

Given the backlash she’s received for continuously posting scantily clad pictures, I’m amazed Paulina has stuck to her guns. No matter how many times people tell Paulina she’s dressing a little too provocatively, she can’t help flash the goods.

Paulina Gretzky is clearly driven to be the best, she must get that from her father. Coincedentally, she is probably going to give him a coronary with these pictures…



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