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Watch A.J McCarron React To The News That Everyone Wants His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

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January 10, 2013


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Watch A.J McCarron React To The News That Everyone Wants His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

While A.J McCarron was busy winning his second straight national championship, the nation was busy crushing on his girlfriend. That’s right, no one was impressed with McCarron’s championship winning performance, they were already distracted by his brunette bombshell.

During the BCS National Championship game, McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb went from under one thousand followers on Twitter to over one hundred thousand. I haven’t seen such an incredible Twitter surge since Charlie Sheen’s famous drug fueled meltdowns. Funniest part of all? McCarron had no idea any of this was going on. In fact, in a scene that was reminiscent of the Simpson’s episode where Bart shows Lisa the exact moment she broke Ralph Wiggum’s heart, McCarron is visibly shook when told the news regarding his girlfriend.

You can actually pinpoint the moment McCarron realizes the competition level for his girlfriend just went through the roof. His face initially looks onward with a child-like awe, and then his mouth drops like someone just dropped some face melting news. In actuality, that’s exactly what happened. McCarron probably thought winning a second championship would lock up his girlfriend. Instead, he’s now battling to keep her with the likes of Lebron James. That’s some stiff comp…



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