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Atlanta Braves Screwed By Insane Infield Fly Ruling (VIDEO)

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October 6, 2012


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Atlanta Braves Screwed By Insane Infield Fly Ruling (VIDEO)

The infield fly rule isn’t the easiest ruling to wrap your head around, in fact, even the MLB admits they don’t really understand it. Funny enough, MLB umpires don’t understand it either, because they absolutely screwed the Atlanta Braves on Friday night.

During the first ever one game wild card elimination match between the Cardinals and Braves on Friday, St. Louis botched a routine fly ball. Everyone in the building and watching on television could see it was an error by the Cards, but somehow the left field line judge felt differently.

Inexplicably, the left field ump invoked the infield fly rule, and the hitter was called out and both base runners weren’t allowed to advance. Understandably, the Braves were livid and their fans spent the next 20 minutes littering the field with trash and debris. Once the dust settled, Braves pinch hitter Brian McCann was quickly retired and the Cardinals dodged a massive bullet. A potential season saving bullet.

Check out the video…

The only explanation for this ridiculous call is that the umpire had some money riding on the Cards. How could he possibly invoke the INFIELD fly rule to a ball hit to the outfield? Based on the name alone, this doesn’t make sense. Even NFL replacement referees think this was a horrible call.

I haven’t seen such a horrible decision since Kelly Kapowski left Zack Morris for Jeff. Ridiculous.



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