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Toronto Blue Jays Fans Are Fighting, Puking, And Getting Thrown Out (VIDEOS)

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April 8, 2013


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Toronto Blue Jays Fans Are Fighting, Puking, And Getting Thrown Out (VIDEOS)

Toronto Blue Jays fans seem to be determined to prove their worth as the dumbest fans on the planet. Why am I making this claim? Because the Blue Jays are six games into their 2013 season, and they’ve already had two field intruders, they’ve had a fan barf all over the 500 section, a woman got into a fight with a man in the crowd, and last but not least, some guy pretended to wank off his buddy on live television. All this in less than a week.

Blue Jays fans have put on a better show than the players so far this year.

So why has the Rogers Centre turned into a zoo? The easy answer is booze. However, beers at the Rogers Centre are at least 10 dollars, so maybe these fans are angry over beer prices. If I dropped 60 dollars on five beers I’d probably want to throw up as well.

So let’s take a look at the evidence…

In this first video, a Blue Jays fan takes off across the field and tries to escape over the wall. Unfortunately for the field intruder, he has linguine arms and he can’t do a chin up. This guy was one chin up away from disappearing over the wall into no man’s land. Instead, he ate a steady diet of knuckle sandwiches…

In this video, a field intruder is apprehended at the Blue Jays game, but he doesn’t give up without a fight. The intruder’s first move was to kick and scream…then he played dead…then the intruder was dragged into the bullpen where he undoubtedly received a steady diet of knuckle sandwiches…

Next up is the man who puked all over EVERYTHING! This is truly disgusting, and it’s pretty clear that this Blue Jays fan went H.A.M on 10 dollar beers…

Moving right along, in the video below a man fights a woman. If you read the comments on the Youtube channel you’d be led to believe that this girl deserved to get rag dolled. Call me old fashioned, but I can’t understand how anyone thinks it’s ok for a man to hit a woman…even when she’s acting like this…

Now it’s time to watch one Blue Jays fan pretend to wank off another Blue Jays fan…while an old woman sits nearby unknowingly. The best part about this video is the look on the faces of these Blue Jays fans. They are just so proud of themselves…

So that about does it. Toronto Blue Jays fans have officially staked their claim as the most unruly, and arguably dumbest, fans on the planet. It’s a nice change of pace for the Jays organization because it means there are fans in the stands. Typically the Rogers Centre is empty because the team is brutal. However, now that people are showing up it might be time to hire a few security guards. The 500 section has turned into a real life version of “Lord of the Flies.” People are regressing from reasonable minded humans into puking, wanking monsters within three hours. It’s impressive stuff.



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