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Tom Brady Snaps In “Funny Or Die” Video About His Boston “Accent” (VIDEO)

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May 30, 2012


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Tom Brady Snaps In “Funny Or Die” Video About His Boston “Accent” (VIDEO)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently did a video for the website Funny or Die where he was heckled for having a Boston accent. You know, the Boston accent he doesn’t have. Hilarity ensues.

Tom Brady joins the list of athletes that have demonstrated their comedy chops in recent months. “>Kris Humphries put out a Funny or Die video portraying himself as a douche. It didn’t require much acting. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning also hosted Saturday Night Live a while back, and he did a stand up job.

There are precious few things in this world that Tom Brady hasn’t accomplished, but you can cross creating a funny video off the list. Brady famously dated actress Bridget Moynaham, and then he left her for international supermodel Gisele Bundchen. He’s also won a series of Superbowls and MVP’s. Tom Brady is the physical embodiment of the American Dream, and at just 34 years old, the rest of his life is gravy.

Seriously, Tom Brady can’t lose…unless he’s playing the Giants in the Superbowl. Then he can lose twice.



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