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Tim Lincecum And The Kid From “Dazed And Confused” Must Be Twins (PICS)

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October 30, 2012


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Tim Lincecum And The Kid From “Dazed And Confused” Must Be Twins (PICS)

I was talking with my cousin all weekend about Tim Lincecum looking exactly like Mitch Kramer from “Dazed and Confused,” and here’s the photographic proof…

Little Mitch Kramer is all grown up now, and his name is Wiley Wiggins. Here’s what Wiley Wiggins looks like now…


It’s always jarring to see a child actor that you haven’t seen in a decade or more. There is always an undercurrent of tragedy painted across their face.

After doing some investigative research, I found out that playing Mitch Kramer is Dazed and Confused was Wiggins’ first big break. It also happened to be his last big break because he’s only done a handful of movies in the subsequent 20 years.

It seems as though the film career of Wiggins’ started and peaked at the exact same moment. I’m guessing it’s because he couldn’t perform a scene without grabbing his nose awkwardly. They don’t teach that in acting school.



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