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Texans RB Arian Foster Rips The NCAA For Being Corrupt

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September 21, 2013


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Texans RB Arian Foster Rips The NCAA For Being Corrupt

In my opinion, the NCAA is corrupt, and they are run by a group of money hungry hypocrites. Why? Because they make billions of dollars of the backs of college athletes, and they rule with an iron fist. The NCAA is like the sports equivalent of a dictatorship. Here’s a few examples…

Current Dallas Cowboys receiver, and former Oklahoma State Sooner, Dez Bryant was suspended 10 games for going out to dinner with his idol Deion Sanders. Huh? Prior to that, Terrelle Pryor was suspended 5 games for exchanging memoribilia for free tattoos. What?

Most recently, Johnny Manziel was suspended for 30 minutes for signing autographs which were then sold. Why only 30 minutes? Because Manziel makes the NCAA too much money. They couldn’t afford to have him on the sidelines for the Aggies primetime matchup against Alabama on September 14th – that’s bad for business. That’s right…business.

The NCAA operate like modern day slave owners. While the NCAA administrators drive around in Lambo’s, the players are struggling to eat. It’s all due to NCAA bylaw which says that student-athletes cannot permit their names or likenesses to be used for commercial purposes, including to advertise, recommend or promote sales of commercial products, or accept payment for the use of their names or likenesses.

So why can’t the players make money off their own name? Because that takes money out of the NCAA’s pockets.

Here’s the real issue… The NCAA’s rules are completely out-dated. These rules made sense in 1975, but they are ridiculous in 2013. Remember how I compared the NCAA to a dictator earlier? This is why. The NCAA is all powerful and they crush their opposition like the hammer of Thor.

Ironic, isn’t it? The United States prides itself on freedom, yet the athletes they worship on Saturdays don’t have any.

From a personal perspective, my voice doesn’t count for shit. However, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has decided to speak out, and hopefully this will start a discussion that can lead to changes…

“I just feel strong about the injustice that the NCAA has been doing for years,” Foster said Friday. “That’s why I said what I said. I’m not trying to throw anybody under the bus. … I feel like I shouldn’t have to run from the NCAA anymore. They’re like these big bullies. I’m not scared of them.”

“I don’t know if this will throw us into an NCAA investigation — my senior year (2008), I was getting money on the side,” Foster said in the video. “I really didn’t have any money. I had to either pay the rent or buy some food. I remember the feeling of like, ‘Man, be careful.’ But there’s nothing wrong with it. And you’re not going to convince me that there is something wrong with it.”

“Look at the attention it’s getting,” Foster said. “They really have us hoodwinked into thinking taking money is wrong as a college athlete. It’s wrong for us, but it’s not wrong for them. I guarantee every NCAA official has a (BMW) or Benz or something. That’s not wrong, but it’s wrong for me to get $20 to get something to eat? Dez Bryant couldn’t get taken out to dinner by Deion Sanders, his mentor, he sat out a whole season because of that? That’s not wrong? But if you can drive around in a Benz, that’s OK? It’s not right.”

“I think my check was like $87 a month in dorm rooms,” Foster said. “You had meals Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday you had to fend for yourself. I guess that’s what the $87 was for. At the end of the month you don’t have any money, your family can’t send you any money, a lot of those guys — 80 percent of the team is made up of kids from the inner city.”

Foster disagreed that a “free education” was a just reward, saying the education wasn’t free because college athletes put in just as much work as professional athletes.

“Except I can go make money off of my name,” Foster said. “I can go get a side job if I really wanted to. The NCAA takes away your constitutional rights as an American of not being able to go get a job.”

He called for an end to what he considers the guise of amateurism in college sports.

Said Foster: “It’s just amazing to me that adults let this go on.”

A – fucking – men.

Isn’t it wrong that 100 thousand people will pack into a building to watch an NCAA game while many of those players struggle to eat? It’s like a modern version of battles in the Roman Coliseum.

The counter argument I often encounter goes something like this…

“These student athletes are receiving free education. There is a huge cost associated with that.”

My response is two-fold. Firstly, most of the players are completely committed to their sport, and they don’t spend much time in class. Why? Because if you don’t play well, they could lose their scholarship. Secondly, the money these athletes make for the NCAA is WAY greater than that of their schooling. It’s not even a debate.

Do your research, and join the good fight.



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