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Tampa Bay Rays Invite A Python Into Their Clubhouse (VIDEO)

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August 16, 2013


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Tampa Bay Rays Invite A Python Into Their Clubhouse (VIDEO)

The Tampa Bay Rays keep winning baseball games, and they keep having fun in new and interesting ways.

A few months back they invited a Mariachi Band to their clubhouse for a Latino dance party…as you do. More recently, the Rays pulled off the hidden ball trick against the Dodgers. What are they doing now? They brought a massive python into their clubhouse for all the players to poke, prod, and have a little photo-op. You know, that old chestnut.

Aside from Jake “The Snake” Roberts, I’ve never been a fan of snakes so this would’t appeal to me. However, these types of crazy bonding experiences continue to work for the Rays who continue to surprise the AL East.

Coming into the 2013 MLB season, the Rays picked up the Blue Jays middle infield scraps and looked like they were poised to take a large step backwards. The acquisitions of Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar didn’t instill much confidence, and losing James Shields was supposed to be a devastating blow. Fast forward to August, and Escobar and Johnson are performing admirably, and the Rays compensation in the Shields trade (Will Myers) is on fire.

As a Jays fan I’m offended by Tampa Bay’s success. No matter what the Blue Jays do, they cannot win or play a meaningful game in September. Conversely, the Rays could field a team of hobos and they will still win.



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