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Tampa Bay Rays Host Latino Concert In Their Clubhouse (VIDEO)

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May 15, 2013


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Tampa Bay Rays Host Latino Concert In Their Clubhouse (VIDEO)

Baseball players are a funny breed. They are superstitious, they are driven by routine, and they have a lot of time to kill. Think about it, MLB teams play 162 games in six months, that’s a lot of baseball.

So what can you do to snap out of the day to day monotony and bring some excitement to your clubhouse? How about hiring a latino band play a gig in the main room of your clubhouse? That’s what the Tampa Bay Rays did, and it seemed to work as they beat the Red Sox 5-3. The Rays are known for doing crazy things and having fun, and this impromptu concert certainly fits the bill.

Can you imagine something like this happening in an NHL, NBA, or NFL dressing room? It’s hard to imagine. However, baseball clubhouses are so quirky that anything is possible. The Rays could hire Lindsay Lohan to snort rails while dancing on a pole and I wouldn’t bat an eye…



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