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St. Louis Cardinals Giving Out ‘Jon Hamm’ Bobbleheads

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June 17, 2014


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St. Louis Cardinals Giving Out ‘Jon Hamm’ Bobbleheads

Sure, people like Jon Hamm.  Yeah, people have been given a whole lot more in this world than a booblehead simple because people like you.  It’s the St. Louis Cardinals giving actor Jon Hamm his own Bobbblehead strikes me as a bit odd.  It’s almost like they made a bobblehead of someoone else for later in the season and it came out so ugly that they needed essentially the best looking human on the planet to balance the scales.  Sheeeit, maybe Jon Hamm and Mario Balotelli’s girl should just leisurely walk past each other on the concourse in the same stadium and BOOM! World Hunger ceases to exist. Fuck you, Hunger!

I hope the irony of Jon Hamm’s name is not lost on the world hunger debate

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