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Shirtless Man Jumps Onto Cactus, It Doesn’t End Well (VIDEO)

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February 19, 2013


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Shirtless Man Jumps Onto Cactus, It Doesn’t End Well (VIDEO)

You know how people do stupid things and post it to the internet to gain viral fame? Well, an Australian went way too far. The gentleman in question took his shirt off, and then jumped onto a cactus. Predictably, he got hurt real, real bad.

So what happens when you jump onto a cactus without any protection? The needles get embedded in every nook and cranny of your skin, you bleed profusely, and you get stuck. In fact, the guy in the video below turned himself into a human pin cushion. He was actually stuck in the cactus, and he needed to be pulled out by his “friend.” I put the word friend in quotations because if he was a real friend, he would’ve let his buddy jump on a cactus.

Did they not realize the severity of what was about to happen? What kind of idiot does something like this? At least when the guys from “Jackass” did stunts they were getting paid. All this guy got for his efforts is a chewed up body. The joke is on him because he already looked like a bag of milk…

P.S This guy swears a lot, so the audio is not safe for work.

Courtesy: Last Angry Fan



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