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Ron Artest Is Full Blown Crazy, And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

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April 11, 2013


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Ron Artest Is Full Blown Crazy, And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

In this crazy mixed up world, there is good crazy, and there is bad crazy. Every now and then, a remarkable individual can be both types of crazy. Ron Artest is one of these special individuals.

We all know the story, Ron Artest beat the crap out of fans in Detroit and received a massive suspension for his role in “The Malice At The Palace.” A few years later, Artest joined the Lakers and decided to change his name to Metta World Peace. I think we can all acknowledge that things were starting to get weird, but Metta World Peace was just warming up.

In 2010, Metta World Peace hit the game winning jumper that won L.A their second straight championship. Ron-Ron seemed to have turned the corner, but then he smoked James Harden in the head with an elbow. As if the elbow wasn’t bad enough, Artest proceeded to stare down the OKC bench with crazy eyes.

One minute he wins you over with charm, the next minute he’s assaulting you, and just when you think he can’t surprise you again he spends a week spitting hot fire in Vancouver. Soooo, what’t he moral of this blog post? Ron Artest / Metta World Peace is not to be trusted. He’s the kind of guy that will recite “Right Said Fred” lyrics in a post game media scrum for fun…no joke, this actually happened…



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