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Roberto Guerrero’s Father Calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. “A Woman Beater” (VIDEO)

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May 2, 2013


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Roberto Guerrero’s Father Calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. “A Woman Beater” (VIDEO)

I have to be honest, my interest in professional boxing is dropping quicker than Amanda Bynes’ career. I have zero interest in watching Floyd Mayweather Jr fight Roberto Guerrero, and there is no way in hell I’d shell out 60 bucks to see the fight.

Having said that, you knew that these two guys were going to do something stupid to hype the fight. As it turns out, it was actually Roberto’s father Ruben Guerrero who got stupid. During the press conference, Ruben went on a tirade where he called Floyd Mayweather Jr a woman beater. Then Ruben continued to taunt Mayweather by rhetorically asking the crowd why anyone would cheer for a woman beater.

Listen, I’ll never defend Floyd Mayweather Jr because he seems like a horrible person, but why the hell is Ruben Guerrero’s being given a chance to speak? Apparently he trains his son, but everyone in attendance had to know he was going to say something stupid. The moment he stepped in front of the mic he started issuing challenges.

“I’m the real deal. I don’t talk shit, I just back it up!”

Really? Why is this guy being given a platform to speak? The guy is over 50 years old and no one is trying to fight him. Who is he tough talkin’? Honestly, most people are probably just wondering, “why is this old dude so angry?”

But it gets better…

After the press conference concluded, Floyd Mayweather’s Sr and Ruben Guerrero got into it. These two old men were separated at the 50 second mark in the video below. Sadly, I’m more interested in seeing the dads fight than the sons…



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