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Robert Swift’s Vacated House Is Nasty – Filled With Guns & Pills (PICS)

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July 1, 2013


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Robert Swift’s Vacated House Is Nasty – Filled With Guns & Pills (PICS)

Do you remember ex-NBA player Robert Swift? He was drafted 12th overall by the Seattle Supersonics in 2004, and he was out of the league in 2009. Why? Mostly due to injuries, but it looks like he had some other issues…

Swift’s home in Sammamish Washington was recently foreclosed, and a new owner has moved in. So what was found in Swift’s old house? Guns, bullets, prescription pills, knives, dolls holding knives, garbage, more guns, more garbage, and a toilet that makes the slums of India look like the Ritz-Carlton.

This house looks like the set of Saw 3. To be honest, I fully expect Jigsaw to have this place boobie trapped.

So how bad is this? It’s shocking. Robert Swift’s house personifies everything you warn children about. If a crackhead popped out of the attic, I wouldn’t even flinch.

Oh yeah, Swift also left a giant jug of urine behind. Enjoy!



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