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Rickie Fowler Photobomb’s Tiger Woods to Perfecftion

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August 7, 2014


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Rickie Fowler Photobomb’s Tiger Woods to Perfecftion

Yup, big news Tiger Woods Watch at the PGA Championship.  Oh, is he playing?  Is he still balding? Where is he?  Why isn’t he here?  Oh, is that him?  Oh my god, let’s start a frenzy, that’s him…isn’t it?! Then, oh snap, that shit cray and the hoopla hits its peak with Tiger’s presence felt. So with more fuss being made over an empty parking spot for Tiger than, oh I don’t know, over any of the golfers actually there, Rickie Fowler decided to be a wisenheimer as when the photo opps finally came, he drops bombs like whoa!



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