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Remember The Girl A-Rod Flirted With Mid-Game? Her Name is Kyna Treacy And She’s A Model (VIDEO)

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October 20, 2012


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Remember The Girl A-Rod Flirted With Mid-Game? Her Name is Kyna Treacy And She’s A Model (VIDEO)

Remember how A-Rod was absolutely brutal throughout the 2012 post-season? Well people seem less interested in talking about his failures, and more interested in talking about the two girls he was flirting with during game one of the ALCS.

If you haven’t heard the story, it goes something like this. A-Rod had 12 strikeouts in 23 at bats in the post season and he didn’t have a single RBI or homerun. However during game one of the ALCS, A-Rod found time to flirt with two attractive women in the crowd at Yankee Stadium. A-Rod tossed a ball at the women, and he asked the girls to write their phone number on it. New Yorkers were predictably upset with their resident “superstar.”

A-Rod makes 29 million dollars a year to play baseball. He was absolutely horrible at baseball. Instead of trying to fix his problems at the plate, he was fixated on two blondes in the crowd. Clearly you can see how the optics of this situation are not good…

The Yankees season is over now, and the ending was similar to “The Hangover 2.” It was rushed, it was predictable and repetitive, and it left fans unsatisfied. A four game sweep will do that.

As it turns out, the two girls A-Rod was flirting with are now quasi-celebrities. Their names are Kyna Treacy and Kate Quinn, and this is what they look like…

Kyna Treacy is an Australian swimsuit model, and Kate Quinn is her sidekick in this little adventure.

The lesson for everyone to learn here is that money changes everything. If Yankees bench player Eduardo Nunez contacted Treacy and Quinn in the stands, no one would care. He’s just not an important figure in the Yankees lineup. However, when A-Rod – he of the quarter billion dollar contract – talks to these two women, it’s a story.

If A-Rod had been playing really well, people would laugh at how he could flirt with girls one minute, and dominate the game the next. However, A-Rod was a total embarrassment. So A-Rod is framed as a selfish and unfocused knob that has no respect for the Yankees, or his teammates.

Sounds about right.

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