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Referee Fights Hockey Player In Russia (VIDEO)

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February 9, 2013


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Referee Fights Hockey Player In Russia (VIDEO)

Referees take a ton of abuse in competitive sports, but I’ve never seen a referee completely snap. That is, until now…

During a recent hockey game in Russia, a player was issued a hooking penalty that he didn’t agree with, so he smoked the referee. Typically, the player would get tossed and the referee would be furious, however, this was anything but typical…

The referee stands up, dusts himself off, calmly places his helmet on the ice, and then the referee attacks and fights the player. It’s hilarious, and it’s amazing how the referee went all cold blooded. He didn’t throw a tantrum, he didn’t start freaking out, he just laid his helmet on the ice and started firing right hands. The best part of all is that it seems as though this referee is trying to send a message to the other players in the league.

I have to imagine that the referee is going to be a legend within the officiating community. After all this time, one referee finally said enough’s enough…



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