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Red Wings Prospect Arrested For Being Drunk And Dressed As Teletubby (VIDEO)

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November 29, 2012


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Red Wings Prospect Arrested For Being Drunk And Dressed As Teletubby (VIDEO)

Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan was recently arrested for being drunk in public, and he was also dressed as a teletubby.

Video footage of the arrest was recently released, and it came from the police officer’s dash camera. So my question is why the hell did the police release this video? What could possibly be gained from making this video public other than publicly shaming Riley Sheahan? Hadn’t he already done enough damage by getting wasted and dressing as a teletubby?

The thing I hate most about moments like this is that whenever athletes or celebrities make a mistake, their public relations team goes into damage control mode. Riley Sheahan will no doubt release a statement in the coming days saying he apologizes for his temporary lapse of judgment, and that he’s sorry for offending his friends, family, and the Red Wings organization.

But he won’t really mean it…

I don’t know why we put athletes and celebrities on a pedestal and act like they have to be the moral compass for society. Who the hell cares if Riley Sheahan got drunk and dressed like a teletubby? If you go to any university or college across the world, you will see far worse.

What’s even worse is the fact that Sheahan will be forced to apologize for something he’d probably do again. If he actually thought he was doing something horrible, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place. It’s pretty clear he was just messing around trying to have fun, and he got caught. Nowadays everyone with a camera is a reporter, so what started out as messing around turns into a internet phenomenon.



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