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Rasheed Wallace’s Reputation Still Proceeds Him, Gets Ejected For Saying “Ball Don’t Lie” (VIDEO)

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December 3, 2012


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Rasheed Wallace’s Reputation Still Proceeds Him, Gets Ejected For Saying “Ball Don’t Lie” (VIDEO)

The New York Knicks coaxed Rasheed Wallace out of retirement to play for them this season, and even though he’s been gone for a while, he’s still the master of racking up technical fouls…

It’s been two long years since ‘Sheed stepped foot on an NBA court, and now that he’s back he’s up to his old tricks. Of course by old tricks I mean getting tossed from games.

Rasheed Wallace has an uncanny ability to rack up technical fouls. My personal favorite is from the 2000 Western Conference Finals. Rasheed Wallace literally didn’t say a word, he just looked at the ref…and he got tossed.

It doesn’t take much for ‘Sheed to “intimidate an official,” and here’s another classic example.

Rasheed Wallace hacks Luis Scola and gets a technical foul…not sure he needed to be T’d up for the foul, but whatever. Then, as Goran Dragic is shooting the technical free throw, Rasheed yells out “ball don’t lie.” Then Wallace is given a second technical and gets tossed…Classic ‘Sheed.

Kind of makes you wonder how he functions in general society. I know I wouldn’t argue with the man.

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