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Random Vid: Eagle Tries To Snatch Baby From Montreal Park

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December 20, 2012


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Random Vid: Eagle Tries To Snatch Baby From Montreal Park

A massive eagle swooped in on a baby in a Montreal park, and the eagle attempted to fly away with the baby…and this wasn’t some cute animal moment, this was downright scary.

The eagle literally wraps its talons around the baby and starts to fly away, but luckily for everyone involved the baby was too heavy and the eagle couldn’t hold on.

I feel horrible for the dad in this video. Can you imagine how hard this would have been to explain to his wife?

Wife: “Hey honey, where’s Timmy?”

Husband: “Oh yeah, a eagle swooped down from the sky and took him away. He’s presumed dead.”


This is not the type of situation you expect to encounter on a afternoon stroll through the park. I have to admit, I find eagles scary. Hawks too. I don’t like the idea of any bird being this big and strong. Can you imagine a bird with a six foot wing span and skull crushing talons flying at you? Being afraid of eagles never seemed like a rational fear, but after this video I’m going to be looking over my shoulder…

UPDATE: The Toronto Star reports that this video was a fake made by animation students in Montreal…I’m still scared of eagles.



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