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Random Vid: Anniversary Of Darryl Sittler’s 10 Point Game (VIDEO)

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February 8, 2013


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Random Vid: Anniversary Of Darryl Sittler’s 10 Point Game (VIDEO)

On February 7 1976, Darryl Sittler scored 10 points against the Boston Bruins. Sittler’s 10 point night represents the most points an NHL player has ever scored in a single game, and I don’t see it ever being broken.

Think about it, how could anyone score 11 points in a single NHL game? It would be insane for a team to score 11 goals in a game, let alone one player being in on every goal.

Even though Sittler’s record seems ridiculously out of reach to me, Oilers forward Sam Gagner was damn close last year. On February 3rd of 2012, Gagner had the game of a lifetime. Everything he touched went in the net, but he still came up three points shy of the record. Having an 8 point night is an unbelievable accomplishment, but it’s a far cry from 10.

When I think of unbreakable NHL records, a few come to mind. Gretkzy scoring 50 goals in 39 games, Gretkzy scoring 92 goals in a season, Gretzky scoring 215 points in a season…ok, pretty much anything Gretzky. But even Wayne Gretzky never scored 10 points in a game!

I don’t see this ever being broken…



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