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Random Vid: Alex Jones Goes Crazy On Piers Morgan Tonight

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January 7, 2013


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Random Vid: Alex Jones Goes Crazy On Piers Morgan Tonight

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist that believes every American has the right to bear arms. Piers Morgan is a Brit now living in the United States who is desperately trying to persuade the American public to change their gun laws. Tonight, Alex Jones joined Piers Morgan on his primetime CNN show to discuss gun control, and he went completely berzerk.

When you consider the two people involved in this discussion, it’s no surprise how it turns out. Alex Jones yells at Piers Morgan for being a part of the Illuminati, Piers Morgan asks him to calm down. Alex Jones asks Piers Morgan to explain his role in the British phone hacking scandal, Morgan calmly allows Jones to make himself look crazy.

I’ve known about Alex Jones for about five years, and I can’t believe he was allowed on CNN. Alex Jones believes the Illuminati are trying to create a “New World Order” in which the elite will restrict all freedoms while enforcing a slave state. Jones is notorious for his rants, and my god he is good at ranting. So why would America’s biggest news outlet ask America’s biggest conspiracy theorist to come on primetime television? Ratings baby! Big time ratings!

If you spend enough time listening to Alex Jones, he will definitely provide some interesting information that will make you think. However, he is a powder keg of emotion. On this night, Piers Morgan handed Alex Jones just enough rope to hang himself. What Jones fails to realize is that when he starts ranting like this, he reinforces the idea that not everyone should have a gun. In fact, Jones literally seems like he’d shoot Piers Morgan in the face if given the chance.

This is gold Jerry, gold…



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