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Police Release Video Of Jovan Belcher Hours Before Murder-Suicide (VIDEO)

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December 8, 2012


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Police Release Video Of Jovan Belcher Hours Before Murder-Suicide (VIDEO)

I don’t know why, but the Kansas City Police Department released video from an encounter with Jovan Belcher just hours before he committed a murder-suicide.

I don’t personally see the value in making this video available for public consumption, but I guess that makes me a hypocrite for posting it.

In the video, Belcher is sleeping in his car which is parked outside his mistresses house. The police ask Belcher to go inside and sleep in the house, and Belcher responds that he has to, “deal with my other girl man.”

It’s pretty sad that Belcher is drunk and sleeping in a running car, but the police let him walk back into the house. If he had been arrested on the spot there’s a good chance he’d still be alive.

Audio kicks in at the 4:57 mark.



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