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Peyton Manning Busting a Move At Bronco’s Training Camp

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August 1, 2014


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Peyton Manning Busting a Move At Bronco’s Training Camp

Peyton Manning’s career is no doubt nearing an end.  No one here is questioning his on field abilities, but the dude’s almost a hundred years old.  Aged as he may be, he’s still young at heart.  Manning continues to show his personality any chance he gets and he seems determined to enjoy what could be his last season.  Hence, Manning busting a move at Broncos training camp.

The Broncos practice p.a. system operators decided it’d be a gag to toss on the University of Tennessee Volunteers fight song, Manning’s Alma Mater, to stir things up a bit.  When “Rocky Top’ hit the sound system, with most Bronco players laying around and stretching, Manning decided it was time to bust a move.  The video below is actually a little disturbing as he tries to get jiggy with it, get down with his bad self, and even strut his stuff.

For a dude who is a professional athlete, you’d think there’d at least be a little fluidity to his jagged, haphazard movements.  If I were Bronco’s management I’d have been seriously concerned with the possibility that Manning busting a move would lead to an injury.

Watch at your own risk…

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