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Peyton Hillis: Joe Thomas Is Like A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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December 7, 2012


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Peyton Hillis: Joe Thomas Is Like A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Browns and Chiefs are set to face-off this weekend, and the verbal jabs continue to fly.

Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas told reporters on Wednesday that his old teammate Peyton Hillis turned lazy after having a spectacular season in 2010. He also said that Hillis created a “toxic” atmosphere because he only cared about signing a long term contract.

Hillis didn’t take too kindly to the comments.

“Joe Thomas, he can have his opinions all he wants,” Hillis said Thursday. “It’s kind of like a crazy ex-girlfriend, you know? It’s been over a year. Get over it. But I don’t know. I guess when you get paid over $100 million by one team, it’s kind of easy to point the finger at another guy and hate on him for trying to get another contract. I’m not talking bad about anybody,” Hillis said. “I’m just trying to go on with my life, like anybody else, and just play. You know, try to make a living.”

After having his breakout year with the Browns in 2010, Hillis flaked out in famous fashion the following year. He sat out a game with strept throat, he missed a game to get married, and he sat on the sidelines with a hamstring injury.

“It was kind of one weird thing after another more than anything,” Thomas said. “We have guys getting married during the season and it’s not a big deal. When you’re injured and you should be getting treatment, to go do your own thing repeatedly was just disrespectful more than anything to his teammates.”

Thomas says his teammates tried to get Hillis to clean up his act, but he wouldn’t listen.

“People who thought they were very close friends with him, he wouldn’t listen to anybody,” Thomas said. “He thought he knew the right way to do it and it ended up not being the right way and hurting everybody. Not just himself. It was a tough situation.”

Funny how things work out. Hillis was more concerned with money than playing football, and now he’s clinging to his job in the NFL. Hillis is currently playing for the worst team in the NFL and averaging 3.3 yards per carry with only one touchdown.

Peyton Hillis’ career is falling off quicker than the kid from the Sixth Sense.



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