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Pete Rose Is Getting His Own Reality Show On TLC (VIDEO)

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January 11, 2013


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Pete Rose Is Getting His Own Reality Show On TLC (VIDEO)

Pete Rose and his fiance Kiana Kim have a new reality show on TLC called, “Pete Rose: Hits And Mrs.” The show continues TLC’s recent trend of creating television that teaches the viewer absolutely nothing. Remember when The Learning Channel provided educational material? I think it might be time for TLC to change their name. They should be called train-wreck television because you can’t get a show on TLC unless there is a circus style element to your life.

Based on the videos below, it’s safe to assume the Pete Rose reality show will cover the traditional narratives of reality television. Plastic surgeries, manufactured problems, and dealing with the ghosts of his past.

Isn’t reality television funny? Millions of people spend their time watching someone else live their life, instead of living their own. I’m not interested in this show, but I will say Pete Rose looks great for a 71-year old. Kind of funny he’s leery of committing to marriage at his age…

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