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#PaulinaGretzky parties at Deadmau5 concert in Las Vegas (PICS)

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May 11, 2012


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Resident party-girl Paulina Gretzky recently went to Vegas to party at a Deadmau5 concert, but thanks to Instagram, what happened in Vegas is now available pretty much everywhere…and especially here.

Sure Paulina’s twitter account has run hot and cold for the past 6 months, but her Instagram account is on fire. I’m talking three straight buckets in a game of NBA Jam type of fire.

First it was the spread “E” shots in the link above. Now she’s just having some good old fashioned American fun. Let’s face it, the MySpace pics were relatively classy. The Twitter pics were Paris Hilton-esque. Now? Paulina is one sex tape away from a reality show.

Honestly, Paulina Gretzky could be the new Kim Kardashian. Kim can’t sing, dance, act, or write. As far as I can ascertain, aside from being attractive, she doesn’t do much of anything. Kim’s life consists of appearances, meeting friends for lunch, and endorsing new products. Paulina can do all of this stuff, and she’s released a single already.

Here’s something else to ponder, Ms. Gretzky has been in the news for these pictures for over a year, so clearly the world has an appetite to follow her, and why not? She is the spawn of a Playmate and arguably the greatest hockey player to ever play the game! As far as reality shows go, that’s an entertaining lineage.

Paris Hilton is a hotel heiress, who cares? Kim Kardashian’s dad defended O.J. Simpson, that’s pretty horrible. Conversely, Paulina’s dad is “The Great One” and her mom was in Police Academy and Playboy. Why doesn’t she have a show? I’m starting a campaign, #paulinarealityshow .



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  4. Tom Yawney
    Tom Yawney
    May 12, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    It's always the douches, always

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