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Paulina Gretzky posts pictures of Complex Mag Photo Shoot on Instagram (PICS)

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May 17, 2012


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Paulina Gretzky posts pictures of Complex Mag Photo Shoot on Instagram (PICS)

Paulina Gretzky can't stop posting racy pics

“The Great One’s” daughter, Paulina Gretzky, posted some racy pictures from her Complex Mag photo shoot on Instagram. Once again they didn’t dissapoint.

At this point, if you had any lingering questions concerning this website’s push for a Paulina reality show, they should be answered. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, when the first castoff of “Flava of Love” has their own reality show, it’s high time the spawn of Wayne Gretzky and his Playmate-actress wife has a show. Sign the petition here.

At this point it is also pretty clear that Paulina is comfortable with the male attention she’s receiving. If she was truly put off by the response from the internet community, she would’ve made a few changes by now. Sure she took a brief hiatus from Twitter, but like anyone who falls off the wagon, she came down hard. Racy Paulina Gretzky pictures have been coming like clockwork over the past few weeks. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t part of a bigger plan.

Maybe Paulina has hired a big time management company and PR firm that are strategically releasing pictures on a set regiment. In a few weeks she’ll pick up some hot actor boyfriend, and they will be seen at various events about town. Shortly thereafter, they will pose for pictures in “US Weekly” and other tabloid pages. And once that happens, the reality show is next.

Patience will pay off.



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