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Paulina Gretzky Furious After Hearing Wayne Gretzky Heart Attack Rumour (PIC)

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August 17, 2012


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Paulina Gretzky Furious After Hearing Wayne Gretzky Heart Attack Rumour (PIC)

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For the better part of a year, people have been saying that Paulina Gretzky is going to give her dad a heart attack if she keeps on posting racy pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Well, yesterday someone started a rumour that Wayne Gretzky had a heart attack, and somehow it actually gained some traction.

Paulina was not impressed with the Twitterverse.

The Great One’s scandalous spawn ripped the internet at large for the rumour, and also for the implication that she is going to kill her dad if she keeps posting half naked pictures.

It goes without saying that it is horrible and hurtful for someone to make up a rumour that Wayne Gretzky had a heart attack and to blame Paulina, however, there is a simple solution. Paulina has posted two types of pictures in the past year, trashy and classy pictures .

In the past nine months, there have been precious few classy pictures, and a stupid amount of trashy pictures. If Paulina truly wants to stop receiving so much backlash, all she has to do is stop posting slutty pictures. That’s it. She acts like the backlash she receives is some sort of unexplainable riddle. It’s not.

Either keep doing what you are doing and accept that some people won’t like it, or stop posting borderline naked pictures. There’s no in between.



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  1. ken
    November 6, 2012 at 11:31 PM

    Insensitive if they were actually saying that believing he had indeed had a heart attack, however I think most people understood it to be a bit of silliness. I think most people would assume she would know if her father had a heart attack or not, so I don't think she's really much of a victim here. Her need for attention goes so far over the line, she actually gives me the creeps. Jumping up and down and screaming ME, ME, ME, ME, EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME and then complaining is a bit ridiculous. She seems to want the attention at any cost to her image or reputation and unfortunately that's what she is getting. If she didn't look so much like her Dad, I wouldn't believe she was his daughter. How in the heck did this happen Mr. Gretzky?

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