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Frat parties, Choking Girls, and Crying – The Patrick Kane Boozed Up Weekend in Madison Story

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May 11, 2012


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Frat parties, Choking Girls, and Crying – The Patrick Kane Boozed Up Weekend in Madison Story

Last weekend Patrick Kane was in Madison, Wis and absolutely tore it up.  Circling the internet right now are various reports of Kane being absolutely shit face wasted, getting kicked out of bars, choking some girl, muttering anti-semitic remarks and generally acting like an asshole.  Personally, I don’t know if any of this is true but it’s absolutely hilarious.  Actually, scratch that, I know the drunkeness is true which you can clearly see in a number of photographs.  Posted below are a number of drunk Kane pictures and a series of quotes from supposed on lookers.  For the full collection of quotes and story credit visit deadspin – they like to make mountains out of mole hills but hey, they’re good at what they do.

Kaner was pulling down girls sun glasses and then going “ehhh, not good enough ” just straight being a douche right to their faces. Pretty strong move if you can pull it off.


According to one friend he was ‘ridiculous’ and was just ‘pulling random girls to him’ and making out with them.


Kane got kicked out of the Kappa Sig party I was at for trying to choke a girl. It took 10 of us to push him and two of his buddies out of the house. He hung around outside and then disappeared into Kappa Kappa Gamma with some hot sorority girls. He was very very drunk. Also, he drinks beer like a girl. He moves his whole arm up to his mouth and sips it.


I was at the frat party Pat Kane attended on Saturday afternoon. First off, he wasn’t even supposed to be there, he had been hooking up with the frat president’s girlfriend, a junior, over the past year, and had even gone so far as to jet her around the country. Despite this, he showed up anyway and proceeded to get blackout drunk. Later, he relentlessly began hitting on a girl who wanted nothing to do with him—his response to this denial, attempt to choke her, which is what ultimately got him booted.


Later in the day around 5:30 pm he got in a confrontation with a group of guys over a some supposed anti-Semitic comments he made towards one of the other guys. I was working at the door and they were talking to each other in front of me and across the street. I couldn’t really hear what was being said but it looked like a fight was going to break out but the cops showed up and threatened to arrest Kane and then he walked away.


After the police intervened, they were very serious about wanting to arrest Kaner. Fortunately for him, the other party in the quarrel was being equally as abusive to the cops. It turned into much more of a “everyone just get out of here” thing instead of anything more substantial. I promise you one thing, Patrick did have tears in his eyes. I wouldn’t equate it to a full out sob, but it was absolutely in the whimper/misty category. I have attached a picture of him sulking. He quickly disappeared.


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    Kane can control his drink or his mouth .

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