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Nike Commercial Re-Affirms That Lebron James Is Better Than You (VIDEO)

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November 9, 2013


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Nike Commercial Re-Affirms That Lebron James Is Better Than You (VIDEO)

In my opinion, Nike has mis-handled Lebron James since the very beginning of his career. They showered Lebron with 100 million before he played a single NBA game, they helped organize “The Decision,” and they generally promote Lebron as a god-like figure.

They’ve done it again, and I blame Nike more than I blame Lebron.

Nike has released a new commercial featuring its Golden Boy Lebron James, and the viewer is left with a singular message…

Lebron James is better than you, he makes more money than you could ever dream of, and you will never be able to enter the pearly gates of his massive mansion.

When Lebron James ripped out of the heart of his hometown fans on national television in 2010, he framed himself as being someone that is out of touch. Lebron’s blinders to social decency were on display, and he’s worked hard over the last 2.5 years to humanize his persona. Winning two championships sure helped out.

Now, after all that work has been done to repair Lebron’s image as a man of the people, Nike releases this commercial…

Wanna enter the gates of Lebron’s $20M mansion? Piss off, wait outside with the rest of the common folk. Lebron has worked hard to soften his image after “The Decision,” but this re-affirms his position as being above the rest of us.

Can you imagine if Lebron hosted a block party at the end of this commercial, or if people were allowed inside the gates? That would’ve been far more impactful, and it would have created an unforgettable moment for citizens of Miami.

More importantly for Lebron and Nike, “King” James would’ve looked like a hero.



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