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Nick Diaz Continues His Verbal Assault On GSP, Blasts Him In VIDEO

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November 23, 2012


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Nick Diaz Continues His Verbal Assault On GSP, Blasts Him In VIDEO

Even though UFC welterweight fighter Nick Diaz is serving a suspension for smoking weed, he hasn’t stopped his verbal assault on Georges St. Pierre.

Diaz famously talked himself into a title fight with GSP last year by continuously challenging the champion, but the fight didn’t come to fruition as GSP blew his ACL. Diaz went on to lose a interim title fight with Carlos Condit, and he’s been serving his suspension ever since.

St. Pierre made his return to the Octagon last weekend at UFC 154, and he earned a unanimous decision victory over Condit. But before the fight, Diaz was doing his best to rattle the champion…

The following is taken from Bloody Elbow

Nick – “…And then you look at Georges like, Georges is a f**king pu**y. So if he takes a punch from Condit, it’s like, what are you gonna do bro? You can’t take that punch. See Condit come out and like, boom boom, and all of sudden Georges is a fallen victim, you know. It’s terrible (laughs).”

Other person – “Just like Matt Serra did.”

Nick – “Yeah, dude. Georges can’t take those punches like that. Freddie Roach isn’t babying him up, babying him. you know, f**kin, I don’t think he’s doing any serious work with anybody. I don’t think he’s giving anyone any serious work. I don’t think he would be confident at putting him in to spar with somebody that’s gonna, you know, put real punches on him. I just don’t. And you know, they’re late if they’re starting now.”

Other person – “He brought in Mister Mung (?) from Thailand (apparently referring to Tiger trainers Kru Lamsongkram and Kru Yod).”

Nick – “Mister who? From where? Thailand? Karate? Of course.

Other person – “No, not karate, from Thailand.”

Nick – “I don’t give a f**k what he is. I do not give a mothaf**cking f**k. How much money does he make? Does he make Georges St. Pierre money? Does he make Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather money? Manny Pacquiao money? Does he make Miguel Cotto money? Is a f**ckin’ legitimate serious force to be reckoned with? I f**king highly doubt it. Maybe in kickboxing. What the f**k league is that?

It’s funny that Diaz questions the heart of GSP. A lot of people were doing the same thing prior to UFC 154, but GSP’s performance quieted a lot of haters, but don’t expect Diaz to shut up anytime soon. He’s following the Chael Sonnen model of talking your way into title shots.

It might be ignorant, but it works.



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