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NHL Referees Are Ruining The Playoffs, Dustin Penner Robbed Of Goal (VIDEO)

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May 22, 2013


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NHL Referees Are Ruining The Playoffs, Dustin Penner Robbed Of Goal (VIDEO)

During the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, how many times have you wondered, “referees, what the hell are you doing?” Personally, I’ve said that a lot. Off the top of my head, here are a handful of moments…

Chris Kelly elbows James Van Riemsdyk in the head, no call. Brad Marchand tears off JVR’s helmet and throws it, no call. Tuukka Rask blocker punches Joffrey Lupul in the face, no call. Matt Cooke slashes Erik Karlsson in the face, no call. T.J Galliardi slew foots Jonathan Quick, no call. Spezza gets wall papered along the wall during game three against the Pens, no call. The list goes on and on.

If it’s not the referees, it’s the linesman. Why can’t they just drop the puck? I get the feeling that the liney’s are looking for some face time on television. Every time they step into the circle for a faceoff they fake out one of the centreman, and then kick them out.

The blown penalty calls are bad enough, but last night the L.A Kings were royally screwed. During game four, Dustin Penner was screening Antti Niemi and a point shot made its way to the net. Niemi got a piece of the shot, but the puck was on it’s way into the net…and then the referee blew his whistle. Penner easily poked the puck into the empty net, but the whistle had already been blown. Coincidentally, the call was also blown.

I don’t know if these NHL referees are pulling a Tim Donaughy, but they need to sort out their lives. Human error is changing the outcome of these playoff games, and it makes the NHL look bad. Sort it out referees…

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