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Miley Cyrus Sports Michael Jordan Themed Bikini In Rap Video

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September 27, 2013


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Miley Cyrus Sports Michael Jordan Themed Bikini In Rap Video

Miley Cyrus has received a lot of attention in recent months for getting half naked and licking stuff. Her tongue waggin’ antics have raised more than a few eyebrows, and people are struggling to reconcile how this girl was Hannah Montana a few short years ago.

Personally, I don’t care. Miley is taking the same path that every other female pop star seems to take. They always start off as the innocent young girl… and overnight they transform into one giant sexual innuendo. On that note, I will never forgive Britney Spears for her ill-advised single “If you seek Amy.” You have to say it slowly to truly understand how ridiculous it is… #-U-C-K me. It’s as subtle as a shot gun blast to the face.

Anyways, I was never planning on joining the Miley Cyrus hater train…but then she did this.

There are a few things that are sacrilegious in the world of sports, and one of them is turning Michael Jordan’s Bulls uniform into a stripper costume. I like bikinis as much as the next guy, but this is just wrong. If she was dead set on converting an NBA superstars uniform into a two-piece, she should’ve chosen Lebron James. He plays in South Beach so it seems more appropriate.



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