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Michael Jordan is 50, Could He Still Play In The NBA?

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February 19, 2013


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Michael Jordan is 50, Could He Still Play In The NBA?

Michael Jordan just turned 50 and people are wondering if he could still play in the NBA. Why? Because when “His Airness” was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he said he might come out of retirement when he turned 50…then everyone laughed…then Jordan said he wasn’t joking.

Well, if Jordan does decide to come out of retirement for the third time, his former trainer Tim Grover thinks he’d still dominate. Details courtesy of Yahoo Sports

“I heard that speech differently than everybody else,” Grover said. Grover heard Jordan raising the idea of playing in the NBA in his 50s, and that was all the nod he needed to begin preparations.
“If I ever get that call,” Grover said, “I was going to be prepared for it. And I am.”
Fifty pages inside a binder sit on Grover’s desk inside his suburban Chicago home now, information and studies and research and innovations into regenerating the muscle fibers and anti-aging advances and nutrition. From his trips to Europe and Asia and the Far East, Grover has incorporated a small library of intelligence – backed with the most intimate knowledge of Jordan’s body and mind and drive – to create a program that awaits the comeback of all comebacks at 50 years old.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, that right now, Michael is still the best player on the Charlotte Bobcats,” Grover said.

Let’s be fair, being the best player on the Bobcats is nothing to write home about. There are one of the worst professional basketball teams in the history of the sport. However, Grover’s point is well taken. MJ still has game…

“His skill level was so superior to everyone else, his understanding of the commitment to the task so different, I absolutely believe [Jordan] playing again at 50 is obtainable,” Grover said. “Of course, things have been diminished away from the game so long, but even with what’s diminished by age, by not playing, I still think he’s superior to a lot of the players out there now.”

“I’ll be ready for him,” Grover says.

I have to admit, I would be extremely interested to see Michael Jordan compete in the NBA at 50 years old. I’m not sure it would end well, but if anyone could do it it’s Michael Jordan. This guy just finds a way to Jedi mind eff himself into doing special things.

Check out some of his top moments…



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