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Miami Heat Break Up Story Begins

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June 19, 2014


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Miami Heat Break Up Story Begins

Not like it’s a big surprise to any one the Miami Heat’s NBA Finals loss is starting to stir up some behind the scenes drama and the likelihood of the roster staying together is pretty slim.  There have been small talks here and there throughout the season that questioned whether or not Lebron James would end up on another roster by the beginning of next season.  With unrest like that any set back, or in this case choke job, come the rumors and here say as to finding reasons to blame.  Early word on the Heat’s loss is that the rumors of Lebron leaving town got to the majority of the roster and some quit on Lebron in the process.  Any one who watched the finals would note that Lebron did in fact play well but the bulk of the Heat roster really underachieved.  Most are noting that the bulk of the roster has long felt Lebron has already made his decision to leave Miami and thus saw no reason to play for him.

Personally, I don’t really buy it.  Sure it would be a pain to help a mega douche win another title and add to a false legacy but at the same time wouldn’t that be the lesser of two evils (i.e. you not winning a title)?  I find it hard to imagine players willing to forgo a championship for themselves to prevent a championship for a team-mate.  Lebron will go and he’ll get his money.  Would you give up a championship to have no impact on that situation?  I wouldn’t.  At the end of it, when you retire, would you be counting your rings and comparing them to Lebron’s?  Would his total impact yours? Well, only if you did in fact throw away this year’s opportunity, I guess.

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