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Metta World Peace Uses Steve Nash’s Dirty Armpit Towel On His Face (VIDEO)

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January 10, 2013


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Metta World Peace Uses Steve Nash’s Dirty Armpit Towel On His Face (VIDEO)

As if the Lakers aren’t already struggling enough, now Steve Nash is giving his dirty armpit towel to Metta World Peace…to wipe his face.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t get too bent out of shape about germs. I mean, the human species survived for a long, long time without sanitation gel. In fact, it’s my belief that sanitation gel was created by the same people that brought us the Swine Flu. Did anyone else notice that no one was using hand sanitizer until the Swine Flu started ripping through North America? Suddenly the Swine Flu has gone the way of the Do-Do bird but everyone still uses the sanitizer. Seems like a clever marketing technique to me.

Anyways, the germaphobes amongst you may want to look away, this is rather cringe worthy…even for dirtiest of germ lovers. Why the hell would Steve Nash wipe his armpits and then pass the towel to someone else? Kind of a dick move…



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