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Meet Robert Griffin III Fiance Rebecca Liddicoat (PICS)

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January 5, 2013


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Meet Robert Griffin III Fiance Rebecca Liddicoat (PICS)

Depending on how you look at it, Rebecca Liddicoat is either the luckiest girl in the world, or she’s in a tough spot. On the plus side, Rebecca Liddicoat is engaged to Robert Griffin III who is arguably the hottest sports star on the planet. On the negative side, she’s engaged to a 22-year old superstar that has to be facing temptation every time he walks out the door. Robert Griffin III seems like a classy stand up guy, but if you were engaged to him or your sister was engaged to him, wouldn’t you be a little worried?

Think about it, Robert Griffin III is a Heisman trophy winner, he was the second overall pick in the NFL draft, he’s dominated the NFL while reinvigorating the Washington sports scene, and he’s set a NFL record for jersey sales. If you were his fiance, would you be a little nervous? This is an especially sensitive issue given what’s happened to Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods in recent years.

Listen, I’m not saying that Robert Griffin III is about to cheat, but I am saying he’s consistently facing the type of temptation that would break many men. The pressure he faces on a daily basis is ridiculous. Robert Griffin III has a multitude of sponsors watching his every move, he’s got an entire nation breathing down his neck, and there’s no doubt he has women coming out of the woodwork every hour trying to get a piece of his success. However, if anyone is capable of balancing their personal and professional life it’s Robert Griffin III.

Check out this story about his proposal to his girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat. The story is actually told by Griffin’s mother…

Robert “told me he wanted a candlelight-type of ceremony,” she said. “He wrote a song. Yes, he sings and he writes music – he doesn’t know how to write ‘music’ music but he writes lyrics and he can come up with a melody. He wrote a song for her. He had one of his teammates go up there [to a camera perch at the top of the indoor facility] and he played the guitar.

“As they were walking in, [Robert] started singing the song. I had set up candles – battery-operated candles; I didn’t want to burn the building down – right here in the middle. Her mom and her dad and her two sisters and my family – my husband and [RG3’s] two sisters – were all standing in a circle with a candle in our hand. “He walked her to the circle. She couldn’t see. We had it dark in here. When they got close to the BU [midfield logo], we all hit our candles and it came on. She was like, ‘What is this?’ And he got on one knee. “The funny thing about it is he came in the building and he said, ‘Rebecca, wait a minute. I’ve got to use the bathroom.’ And my husband was in the bathroom with the ring. He gave him the ring, and it was a fun time.”

“It wasn’t initially supposed to be in here,” Mrs. Griffin said. “He showed me a tree that they used to go sit under and talk, but it stormed that night. He was like, ‘Mom, you’ve got to come up with a backup plan for me.’ And you know that military kicked in. We always have to have a backup plan.

“I happened to be driving past here, and I saw that the facility lights were on. The whole time I was driving around going, ‘God, please give me a plan.’ I came in here and they were showing recruits the facility. “The coach told me, he said, ‘Mrs. Griffin, what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I think I need to use the facility,’ but I couldn’t tell him what it was for. I said, ‘I need to use the facility for a few minutes. Is that OK?’ He said, ‘Well, as long as you finish by the time we get back in here.’ I ran around him like a little chicken with my head cut off, putting everything together.”

“He was like, ‘Mom, Mom, we’re coming!’ My husband was like, ‘Honey, they’re on their way.’ But it all worked out. We got in here. He sung the song. He got on his knees. We all were crying. She was crying. We all hurried up and cleaned up.

“By the time we did all that, [the coach and the recruits] came back in and they said, ‘Mrs. Griffin, we’ve got to cut the lights off and leave.’ I said, ‘We’re finished.’ They asked, ‘What are y’all doing in here.’ They didn’t know.”

Robert Griffin III is a gentleman and a scholar. He’s also one of the best athletes on the planet. Here are the two Disney style lovebirds…



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