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Marlins Fans Are Protesting Their Horrible Owner Jeffrey Loria (VIDEO)

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April 10, 2013


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Marlins Fans Are Protesting Their Horrible Owner Jeffrey Loria (VIDEO)

A group of Miami Marlin fans were tossed from the teams home opener after starting a modest protest in the stands…and by modest I mean they were wearing t-shirts.

The fans were wearing shirts that read, “Free the Marlins,” “F Jeff,” and “Marlins Baseball: Helping Other Teams Get Better Since 1998.” These fans were led out of the ballpark by police. According to the Marlins front office, the fans were unruly, and they failed to show identification.

However, these fans tell a different story on their website “Rage Against The Marlins”…

We were drawing no more attention to ourselves than anyone else casually walking to our seats, people wanted pictures with us and thought the sign and our shirts were awesome, how was that our fault? The entire time we were dealing with the cops we remained calm and composed. At one point one officer said, “Its not us its from above, if it was up to me you guys would go free.”

So to make it sound like we got kicked out because we would not calm down and not show ID is a lie. David Sampson also implied that we had drank too much but we hadn’t even gotten to our seats. We had no time to drink!!! Not like we would pay for drinks there anyway.  I wish we could go to court over this.

When you consider all the facts, it’s more than a little ironic that these fans were tossed for poor behavior. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is quite possibly the biggest dick in professional sports.

We’re talking about a guy who baited the city of Miami into paying for a brand new stadium…and then he gutted the team to save money. He’s also the same guy who gutted the 2003 Marlins after they won a championship, once again to save money. Interestingly enough, Loria is hated north of the border as well. Loria famously yanked the Expos out of Montreal, and that hasn’t been forgotten.

Jeffrey Loria makes Donald Sterling look like Jerry Buss.

After years of lies, deceit, and ridiculous cost cutting measures, it’s only fair that people protest against Jeffrey Loria. Hopefully the Marlins lighten up on their Stalin-like tactics…



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