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Lebron Cuts Carbs and Dignity in Return Home to Akron

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August 7, 2014


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Lebron Cuts Carbs and Dignity in Return Home to Akron

Lebron James has returned to Akron, Ohio just in time to join the Jenny Craig diet….or atkins?  He’s decided that he wants to shed his stance as genetic and athletic freak who can run over any big man in the NBA for the more sought after skinny jean hipster douche with an eating disorder.  Apparently, ‘Lebron James decided to cut carbs this summer and dropped significant weight LBJ Insider.  I’m not going to lie, I’m probably as big of a Lebron Hater out there who sits right at the end of the line of those willing to acknowledge how absurdly good he can be and those who cannot.  The guy is a freak.  But just as is today’s day and age, maybe even our generation, every superstar  player who is arguably heat and shoulders above the rest in his or her sport is just unfortunately a bit of  a bitch.  See: Sidney Crosby, Christiano Rinaldo, Johnny Football.  It’s the world we live in I guess but apparently Lebron would rather look ‘good’ in his nerd hipster get up this weekend at the club than oh, I dont know, look like an athlete.

Joking aside, he actually looks sick. I know he wants to be the Justin Bieber 2.0 with the bucket flat brim and all but dude, eat a piece of melbo toast or something.


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