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Johny Hendricks Thinks GSP Is Scared To Fight Him

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December 11, 2012


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Johny Hendricks Thinks GSP Is Scared To Fight Him

Johny Hendricks was supposed to be the number one contender after he knocked out Martin Kampmann at UFC 154, but Georges St. Pierre says he wants to fight Nick Diaz, and that has Hendricks pissed.

“I think that he’s trying to stay away from me,” he said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “What other reason is there? I tried to analyze it every which way. He said because [Diaz] talked trash. Who cares? I work out with guys that talk trash to me every day. People do talk trash and it’s all fun and games. Who cares what somebody says over the internet or to your face? You fight to prove your worthiness. That’s the way I look at it, and I feel I proved I can go with GSP, and that I should go with GSP, and here he is keeping me out of that.”

Hendricks says he was crushed when UFC President Dana White announced that GSP would likely fight Nick Diaz next.

“More or less, I thought my heart got ripped out of me,” he said. “I go out there and I try to do so much to prove I am the one who should fight GSP and GSP takes it away from me. All it’s doing is giving me more drive to want to fight him.”

Dana White says GSP wants to fight Diaz because they have “unfinished business,” but Hendricks says he now has unfinished business of his own with the champ.

“Here’s the thing: [St-Pierre and Diaz] had a chance; somebody didn’t show up for press conferences and stuff like that,” he said. “Who cares about the past? Just because you have unfinished business, well now that’s with me, too. Because here I am supposed to be fighting you, and you — GSP — takes it away from me. So now I have unfinished business with GSP.”

I have to agree that Hendricks is the tougher matchup for St. Pierre. Hendricks is an NCAA Division 1 champion wrestler, and he’s got incredible knockout power. If you were designing a template to defeat GSP, you’d want takedown defence and standup power. Hendricks has both.

Conversely, Nick Diaz is coming off a loss, a suspension, and his recent resume isn’t nearly as impressive as that of Hendricks. If I was Hendricks, I’d go throw a vintage straight left at Dana White if he books the GSP-Diaz fight.



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