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Johnny Football Gets His Own Beer

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May 21, 2014


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Johnny Football Gets His Own Beer

By now everyone knows that Johnny Football is Cleveland bound.  Everyone also knows that Browns fans haven’t had much excitement on the field in…basically forever.  In all fairness, there has been excitement over recent draft picks from years passed… only to have their guts yanked out and stomped on.  You can thank Brady Quinn, among others, for that.

So you can’t exactly fault Browns’ fans for their current state of tempered excitement.  Sure, everyone hopes the side show that is Johnny Football hits new heights in Cleveland and I’d even venture to say that, aside from some Browns’ fans, everyone is hoping one day there is a Johnny Football Decision on ESPN that would only top the farce that was Lebron James’ Decision.  But for now let’s let the Browns’ fans have their day…and what better way to enjoy Johnny Football’s arrival in Cleveland but his very own beer.  One Browns’ fans has come up with a beer label even Drew Carrey’s Buzz Beer would have to tip its cap to.

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