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NASCAR FIGHT! Joey Logano Fights Tony Stewart (VIDEO)

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March 25, 2013


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NASCAR FIGHT! Joey Logano Fights Tony Stewart (VIDEO)

If you are anything like me, you don’t care about NASCAR. I respect the hell out of the drivers, but I can’t watch a sport where they pull a Zoolander all day. Turning right for hours on end? I’m not interested.

However, every now and then a story-line emerges from a NASCAR event that is too good to pass up. This past weekend provided one of those events. Details from Total Pro Sports

A week after some Twitter insults and an on-track run-in caused some heated pushing and shoving between Logano and Hamlin at Bristol, the two drivers exchanged paint again at Fontana. This time the collision occurred on the second-to-last turn of the race with both drivers jockeying for the win, and it resulted in Hamlin hitting the wall head-on and taking a trip to the hospital. Of course, regardless of what happens between he and Denny Hamlin now, Joe Logano has himself a new enemy in NASCAR. After the race, three-time Cup Champion Tony Stewart ran to Logano and got into a shoving match with the 22-year-old. The cause? Apparently Logano was overly aggressive in blocking Stewart out of a late restart.

NASCAR drivers seem to provide hilarious fights on the regular, and sometimes they do overly ridiculous things like pinching the asses of random women. You gotta love how these NASCAR drivers reinforce stereotypes…



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