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Joba Chamberlain Sticks Tongue Out at Derek Jeter Then Beans Him

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August 6, 2014


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Joba Chamberlain Sticks Tongue Out at Derek Jeter Then Beans Him

Tiger’s 8th Inning Set Up Man looked a bit odd last night as he jokingly mocked Derek Jeter’s ‘Opposing Pitcher Acknowledgement’.  For thise just jumping on the Jeter Caboose, in case you weren’t already aware, Jeter has a ritual where during his first at bat of the game, as he walks to the batter’s box he addresses the opponents manager as a sign of respect.  In addition to the nicety paid to the opponent’s skipper Jeter has a similar head nod to the opposing pitcher as he faces him for the first time in the contest.  Well, Joba the Hut, a former 7 year teammate of Jeter’s, apparently always vowed that if Jeter were to ever acknowledge him in a game he’d tauntingly stick out his tongue.  And so it happened last night….only directly after that, Joba proceeded to unintentionally plunk the crap out of Jeter’s arm.  Then the Yanks lost. Joba apologized.  Everyone went home happy.

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