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Jack Blankenship, The Alabama CREEPY Face Guy Makes Creepy Video

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March 31, 2012


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Jack Blankenship, The Alabama CREEPY Face Guy Makes Creepy Video

The hilarious face you see above belongs to a man named Jack Blankenship. He’s a fan of Alabama basketball, and he’s managed to make this creepy face famous.

It started out when he realized he was physically able to make the ridiculous face. Then he took a picture of it. Then he blew that picture up and turned it into a sign. Then he took that sign to every Alabama home game and creeped the crap out of everyone in attendance. His ability to make a creepy face is more impressive than Paulina Gretzky’s ability to party religiously while never working a day in her life.

He recently posted a new video to youtube, and honestly I can’t even pay attention to his words. I spent the whole time waiting for the creepy face, and he didn’t dissapoint. To save yourself some time, fast forward to these times for the weirdest/funniest face you will ever see.

22 seconds, 55 seconds, 1:08 seconds, 2:38 seconds, 2:40.



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