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Hottest Paulina Gretzky TWITTER and INSTAGRAM Pics (Photo Gallery)

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November 29, 2011


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Hottest Paulina Gretzky TWITTER and INSTAGRAM Pics (Photo Gallery)

Wayne Gretzky’a daughter Paulina has kept the internet buzzing with a series of racy pictures, and she has carved out quite a niche as a social media darling.

Paulina Gretzky’s surge in social fame happened for one of two reasons. Either Paulina strategically planned to post pictures in an effort to grow her profile, or she enjoys partying and posting pictures and the fame was a bi-product. Either way, she’s certainly developed an online presence. Here are some Paulina’s internet exploits…

Paulina Gretzky steps aside from Twitter…it was a brief hiatus

Paulina Gretzky’s MySpace Still Active (Photo Gallery)

Homage to Paulina Gretzky’s Twitter Account Being Closed (Photo Gallery)

Paulina Gretzky shuts down her Twitter account

Best of Paulina Gretzky Twit Pics (Photo Gallery)

Biz Nasty Paul Bissonnette tweets Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky showcases her boobs for Halloween

Hottest? Paulina Gretzky, Bianca La Russa, or Rachel Bradshaw? (Photo Gallery)

Paulina Gretzky posts interesting pictures on Twitter

The Great One’s daughter Paulina Gretzky and Biz Nasty should mate…er, date

Paulina Gretzky caught by TMZ in lingerie

Paulina Gretzky complex magazine photo shoot pics

Paulina Gretzky parties at Deadmau5 concert in Las Vegas

Paulina Gretzky goes Spread Eagle on Instagram…and this shocks no one

Paulina Gretzky may post racy pics, but her mom Janet Jones posed for Playboy

Help get Paulina Gretzky her own reality show!

We here at think it’s high time that the spawn of “The Great One” and his Playmate wife gets her own show. What does Kim Kardashian do? She doesn’t sing, dance, or act. She basically goes out to lunch and makes up fake problems to fill a thirty minute show…and people LOVE IT.

Paulina can actually sing, many would argue she’s better looking, and she clearly longs for the spotlight. If she is anything like her dad, when the pressure is on she will deliver in the clutch.


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