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Hottest? Paulina Gretzky, Bianca La Russa, or Rachel Bradshaw? (Photo Gallery)

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October 25, 2011


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Tony Larussa

Is Wayne Gretzky an attractive man?  Shit, what about Tony La Russa?  Good god, Terry Bradshaw.  The thought of any chick allowing La Russa to mount her makes me want to vomit.  But we here at Unsportsmanlike.Ca would like to thank the brave women who have endured the nasty, disgusting process of banging Gretzky, La Russa and the loud mouth that is Terry Bradshaw for three simple reasons.  First, Paulina Gretzky, second, Bianca La Russa and finally Rachel Bradshaw.  If it wasn’t for these brave women we, the obnoxious public, would not have the pleasure of looking at the hot offspring of two sports legends.  So it begs the question, who is hotter? Paulina? Bianca? Or, Rachel? You be the judge.


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