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Here’s A Photo Gallery Of A.J McCarron’s Girlfriend Katherine Webb (PICS)

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January 7, 2013


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Here’s A Photo Gallery Of A.J McCarron’s Girlfriend Katherine Webb (PICS)

Something weird happened during the 2013 BCS National championship. The cameras panned to A.J McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb, and suddenly people stopped paying attention to the game. How big of a hit was Katherine Webb at the BCS National championship game? Before the game she had 500 followers on Twitter, now she has over 93 thousand and counting.

What’s that? You don’t use Twitter and you aren’t impressed with Katherine Webb’s increase in followers? Well then let’s take a peak at the increase in Google searches for her…

Mother of God! While I’m on the subject of mothers, this isn’t the first time that a woman in A.J McCarron’s life has taken the internet by storm. You may remember a few short months ago a photo surfaced of A.J McCarron’s mom in a chesty shirt. Here’s the picture, she’s the one in the middle…

That shirt is probably a little more revealing than A.J McCarron would like, but these pictures of Katherine Webb will submarine A.J McCarron’s mom…

Brent Musberger should be given the credit for Katherine Webb’s recent surge in fame. The old 73-year old broadcaster practically jumped out of his seat when he caught a glimpse of the 23-year old Kathering Webb. Here’s the video courtesy of SportsGrid

A.J McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb was actually Miss Alabama. Who knew?

Here is Katherine Webb answering the typical pageant questions. According to the internet, Katherine Webb’s talent is being hot.



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