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Gronkowski and BiBi Jones Didn’t Crush?…LIES! (Photo Gallery)

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October 25, 2011


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Britney BethWe here at Unsportsmanlike.Ca are fans of many things.  We love sports, food, beer and most of all women.  That’s why I was especially pleased when pictures of Ron Gronkowski and Bibi Jones (a.k.a Britney Beth) surfaced.  As a loyal twitter follower of Bibi I saw the pictures right away – among the myriad of nude photos she posts every day – and realized I had really missed the pornstar boat having not become an NFL player myself.  

Either way, Bibi was on a Boston sports radio talk show and noted that she and Gronkowski did not have sex.  The article indicates that it was a marketing ploy, to some degree, for Gronkowski to get more twitter followers.  First, I thought the whole situation was a little funny.  Second, no way Gronkowski didn’t tear that ass up.  This gorilla juice head has the chance to rock a budding 20 year old pornstar and he passes that up?  There’s a better chance of the Chiefs winning the SuperBowl than there is of me believing that crap.

Plus, for your viewing pleasure here is Britney Beth.  Come on, no way Gronkowski shot her down.  Also, you should definitely follow her on twitter @xxxBiBiJones

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